Pissing People Off! 

I am getting so sick and tired of shit! Things are starting to piss me off big time. I am sick of the media. I am sick of people crying saying this and that offended me. I am sick of people thinking they are entitled to the world when they did jack to deserve it. I am sick of people (Washington) telling me what I … Continue reading

Hold the Person Accountable!

Morning, Ok I need to get this off my mind. I am so sick of hearing about the events in Charleston, SC yeah it is a sad event yes people died. We don’t blame the person that took the tragic actions. No we blame the guns, the flag, the drugs, the upbringing etc. WHY the hell don’t we blame the idiot who pulled the trigger? … Continue reading

  Double Edge Sword

Morning,Well it is another warm morning, still no rain in sight. We were supposed to get some last night but we didn’t get anything. We really need the rain. I wish it would stop going around us. It is that time of year again where everything starts to ramp up and get worse all because the day I get injured is approaching. What fun to … Continue reading

Missing A Few Chapters!!

Good Morning, If you live up north or in Texas or anywhere you are getting rain can you send it down to North Carolina please? I think it is being sent to the wrong address. We need it bad down here. It is going to be another humid one today and HOT in the upper 90-100 range. So drink lots of water no matter where … Continue reading

Sleepy and beat

Morning, Well another Monday. Oh what fun! Just feeling so run down it is not even funny. Didn’t get much done over this weekend it was just so humid out that it was not even funny. But I need to start sucking it up so I can finish these last few projects that I have going on outside. I can’t believe how much I sweat … Continue reading

The Voices are Calling! 

Voices are in my head, telling me I need to stop slacking off. I need to get more done. I need to be perfect. What’s the use of living if you are not going to be perfect? When you are not perfect things go bad! Voices seem to be getting louder! They won’t go away! A small little pop sets me flying back into combat! … Continue reading

An average day with someone with PTSD

Morning,Well I guess I should have been clear about wanting rain. Last night we got rain, along with 60mph wind gusts and hail. Next time I want a slow drizzle so the ground can soak it all up better. Tonight I need to go around and make sure nothing got damaged. Well it is PTSD awareness month so I thought I would take you through … Continue reading


Some people die in battle.Some are never found. Some come home totally fine. Some physically come back but never make it back mentally. June is PTSD awareness month. Don’t ask me why we need special days, months to point out something we should care about every day of the year. I know I have been promising to come out with shirts and such and other … Continue reading

Long and grueling 

Morning,Got a little rain last night but still needing a lot more then we got. I know careful what you wish for we might end up like Texas under a bunch of water and floods. The ground is so hard I try to make some holes with an auger and the bit stopped spinning and the top started to spin…that is not the way it … Continue reading

Am I so lucky? 

Morning, Well another weekend has passed and another work week is ahead. As we go through life we always look at the other people and think they have such a wonderful life and wish you had their life without really knowing what their life is like.  I would say at least once a week I get told I am so lucky that I get to … Continue reading

Stereotype vs Reality 

Morning,    Well it is slow start to the day. Didn’t want to get out of bed this morning even then it was a slow process to get moving. Why is it we work 5 days and only get 2 off? Who came up with these rules? I was to have a chat with this person. Well yesterday was Telephone a Veteran Tuesday #TAVT. I … Continue reading

I would do anything! 

Morning, Well it is Friday! Another week has past. Another week we all made it through the grind of work and life. But, that does not mean the struggles are over with until Monday. It does mean I can sit back and relax and enjoy life without a care in the world. It does mean that I need to keep balancing on that little line … Continue reading

That Line! That No one else sees!

   Morning, Another day in paradise, just trying to pull myself up out of this funk before it gets to deep and set in. I can’t seem to wake up again today. Not sure what is up with that, just dead tired. Sinus and ear are still a mess. Here I am complaining about simple things when things could be a loss worse. I need … Continue reading

The DownHill Plunge

   Morning,  Well I am still not awake yet….I have the basis peak that records your sleep. It says I had good sleep…so why do I feel like I didn’t get any and I can’t wake up? I think this watch is defective or something. Maybe I am just not use to good sleep so it is throwing me off.  Hero is on high alert … Continue reading

Deep Within Side

   I feel like I am fighting for my life every day. It is so hard to keep everything under control. It is hard to resist ending my life.  It is an uphill battle every day every moment of life.  Life is not easy for people who suffer from PTSD.  We question ourselves every chance we get.  We push ourselves to the limit we don’t … Continue reading

So many things all for the wrong reasons 

   So many restrictions and not the right ones for the right people.  It seems like if you break the law! You can do anything you want and get a slap on the wrist. If you try to uphold the law and your country you get punished.  They want gun control! Well I don’t want to see any President, Mayor, Congressman any public official have … Continue reading