how did I get tricked into posting monthly?

Hi there. It’s “the wife” with her monthly post. I apologize for not having anything profound to write today. I’m am really struggling with a topic. “The husband” told me I was overthinking this and all I had to do was write… He asked me last night what I would say to another wife who’s husband was struggling with ptsd. I had to think about … Continue reading

Shut up and Stand Up! 

Morning, Ok looks like Mother Nature got the south mixed up with the north. There are talks that we are supposed to get 6in of the white fluffy stuff. I knew I should of kept driving further south man oh man. This state is not prepared for something like this. Someone told me that Jan and Feb are the cold months and March it starts to … Continue reading

The Day

Morning, Sorry I am late writing today. We got snow down here and well I don’t think anyone was ready for it. It is actually still warmer out now then it was last week. Just don’t understand this stuff. Mother Nature seems a little backwards crazy this year if you ask me. The day you were too busy to pick up that phone when that … Continue reading

The Evil Stress

Morning, Well it is not too bad out today in the 40’s. Wish it was warmer but I will take it over what it was like last week. Can’t wait till spring when it stays warm all day long. It will be here shortly. How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone do anything fun? Me I sat around didn’t do much of anything thank goodness NASCAR kicked … Continue reading

The Invisible Fight

Morning, Another cold day….just glad I am not still in PA where it is even colder. I think the whole country is a bit cold right now so there is no place to run and hide from it all. Another day and still the same headache, will this thing ever go away? I have never had one last this long, it seems like everything is … Continue reading

Down but not out for the count

Morning, Sorry I have not written in the past few days. Life has been crazy on my end with a funeral and then being down sick. Here is something for you all to think about. I went and served my country. I got injured everyone knows that little bit. What most people don’t realize or think about is how much the veteran suffers after they … Continue reading

Did you call?

Morning Well it is an ice covered day here and really cold. Hope everyone is safe and warm. Speaking of warm I hope my fellow veterans that are without a home found a safe place to stay and warm. I wish this country would do more for them. I know the goal is to have no homeless veteran by such and such year. I just … Continue reading

End of the week and no change

Morning, Ok really Mother Nature must be in a real bad mood. Or she is getting old and mixed up. 70 on Sunday here and today it is high of 39 today. Well at least it is Friday which is good right? Busy next few days for me some of it is good, other part is sad. Well yesterday I answered your questions. So today … Continue reading

Need that double shot of Java today!

Morning, Why does Mother Nature keep messing with me? It was in the 70s on Sunday and today it will be mid 40s I hate this back and forth weather. Why can’t she make up her mind? Oh I guess typical women unable to make up their minds. Well I am already on 2 five hour energy drinks and still can’t wake up. My legs … Continue reading

Me and PC

Morning, I just had to get this off my chest. So two blogs for you all today. I can’t remember if I have been truthful with you all. No I don’t read my blogs after I post them, I don’t even proof read them before I post them. Whatever lands on the “paper” is what gets printed. The last few weeks have not been the … Continue reading

Bigger Piece of the Pie

Morning, Why are we one of the last to be served at the dinner table? Why does everyone else get served before the essential people? It seems that someone that has no right to be in this country gets served first. Why does someone that does jack get a big slice of the pie? Why!! I am tired of being last! I am tired of … Continue reading

Did you Stand? Or did you let them fall?

Morning, Well tech two days down 3 more to go. What happen to the warm weather? It was nice on Sunday it was in the 70s wish it would stay right about there all year long. But what can you do. Always complain about the weather to hot, to cold, to rainy, to dry, on and on and on. Well it is the most important … Continue reading

The startof a new week and change?

Monday the start of another work week. How lucky for us. I actually do mean that because we are on the good side of the grass. You all missed the most important question on Friday. That was what are your plans for the weekend? How am I suppose to live through you all if you don’t tell me. Because I don’t go out much. So … Continue reading

My questions to you!

Morning, Well today sucks for me sinus headache got to love it. Been fighting it all night long trying to get rid of it. This week has been a crazy week. Death by power point at work. Man I hate training. Those days are rough and just suck. Just hard to deal with I want to thank everyone who has been helping me with things … Continue reading

A shot of Espresso to get the day going!

Morning, This week has been rough getting the day to start, seems like the days go by real slow. Yes, I know each day only has 24 hours and they all take the same amount of time. Just seems like the clock never changes. Well it is that time of the week where I answer all your questions from the past week. I know the … Continue reading

Standing Up!

Morning, It is cold out but does not feel that bad. Thank goodness the winds have stopped being so rough. I wish it was spring time already. I am about to go on a political rant not going for one party or another. I just saw this whole thing where they are trying to redo the military retirement and the health care. They want to … Continue reading

I Hear You Calling!

Morning, It is cold out there. Is it spring yet? No I don’t believe that little ground hog. He is wrong it will be spring real soon. At least I hope. Today is TELEPHONE A VETERAN TUESDAY! So get your phones out, start calling those veterans. You never know when you will help them! It is a great feeling when you do. Don’t just stop … Continue reading

Weekly cup of JAVA with PTSD! You Ask and I answered!

Morning, What happen to the 60 degree weather we had just last week I think it was. It is in the 40’s and I wish we had the 60’s degree weather back. I guess I should not complain it is only below freezing in the mornings and not all day like some other place are….sorry mom. Just a friendly reminder, please post all comments on … Continue reading