Away Maybe Forever 

Morning,  This might be my last blog for a while if not forever. I just have to do other things. This writing is not helping me out like it used to. I am struggling to put words together. I struggle to see how it is benefits anyone.  I hope everyone continues to promote Telephone A Veteran Tuesday.  Don’t give up on the veterans you know. … Continue reading

What Medications? 

Morning It is spring, it is going to rain.  I know I have not written in a long long time. I am sorry between work and having other issues life was crazy.  When I was away for training I needed a refill on my meds. So I did everything I could to get my refills and get them right.  Well the DR refilled all the … Continue reading

Bending The VET Over

Morning,  Final week of being away from home can’t wait to get back to normal life and see the wife and child. The weather here sucks. Someone might want to tell Mother Nature it is spring time.  I came across something that has to do with the Veterans Affairs. They are trying to say it will be better for the veteran but I say it … Continue reading

Million dollar deal 

What happen to spring? It is snowing. This is not suppose to happen in spring time.  Ok I know I have not written much in the past week or so. Just been crazy with work and a lot of other things. Something has been getting on my nerves the past few days when I watch the TV. I have been hearing about all these poor … Continue reading

You Asked I Answered

Well it is Thursday! Weather is alright.  Hero is ok, he has air in his colon and the dr thinks he might have a small obstruction so we are trying to get him to pass everything out. So we just wait for the next few days and see what happens.  Almost two weeks down so almost half way. Thanks goodness.  Ok someone ask me a … Continue reading


Afternoon,  A veteran is willing to give up their life in battle for yours.  A veteran is willing to die for their brother in arms.  A civilian…… Well I am not sure what they are willing to do for the veteran. Many stand on their soap box and scream and shout that they will do everything they can for the veteran.  But when you ask … Continue reading

One more Beer

The pains most will never feel thank goodness. Many of us have had loved ones pass away. Many of us have held the hand of someone as they take their last breath. I have been their done that. But the pain you feel when you are a soldier and see your best friend get riddled with bullets as he falls to the ground, then you … Continue reading


Morning.  Well it is Saturday and I normally don’t post on Saturday. But I am sitting in the hotel trying to keep my mind from running wild.  I think I have a good plan set to help the mind from running wild from yesterday’s post. Just need to figure out how to help the nights. Well Hero is there to help me out with that. … Continue reading

Away and all alone 

Morning,  Well this weather sucks. Cold and ice and snow. Man I need to stay away from this cold stuff and buy a pvt island somewhere. Yeah I know we all wish we could do that.  Many of you might not know but I am away from home the next month. Away from the ones who care about me. Away from everything that is normal … Continue reading

Can you call? 

Morning  Sorry I have not written in a few days between dealing with the weather and then travel for work along with some other things it has been a crazy few days.  Today is my favorite day. It is Telephone A Veteran Tuesday. This is the time when you can make a huge difference in a veterans life. It does not have to be a … Continue reading

how did I get tricked into posting monthly?

Hi there. It’s “the wife” with her monthly post. I apologize for not having anything profound to write today. I’m am really struggling with a topic. “The husband” told me I was overthinking this and all I had to do was write… He asked me last night what I would say to another wife who’s husband was struggling with ptsd. I had to think about … Continue reading

Shut up and Stand Up! 

Morning, Ok looks like Mother Nature got the south mixed up with the north. There are talks that we are supposed to get 6in of the white fluffy stuff. I knew I should of kept driving further south man oh man. This state is not prepared for something like this. Someone told me that Jan and Feb are the cold months and March it starts to … Continue reading

The Day

Morning, Sorry I am late writing today. We got snow down here and well I don’t think anyone was ready for it. It is actually still warmer out now then it was last week. Just don’t understand this stuff. Mother Nature seems a little backwards crazy this year if you ask me. The day you were too busy to pick up that phone when that … Continue reading

The Evil Stress

Morning, Well it is not too bad out today in the 40’s. Wish it was warmer but I will take it over what it was like last week. Can’t wait till spring when it stays warm all day long. It will be here shortly. How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone do anything fun? Me I sat around didn’t do much of anything thank goodness NASCAR kicked … Continue reading

The Invisible Fight

Morning, Another cold day….just glad I am not still in PA where it is even colder. I think the whole country is a bit cold right now so there is no place to run and hide from it all. Another day and still the same headache, will this thing ever go away? I have never had one last this long, it seems like everything is … Continue reading

Down but not out for the count

Morning, Sorry I have not written in the past few days. Life has been crazy on my end with a funeral and then being down sick. Here is something for you all to think about. I went and served my country. I got injured everyone knows that little bit. What most people don’t realize or think about is how much the veteran suffers after they … Continue reading

Did you call?

Morning Well it is an ice covered day here and really cold. Hope everyone is safe and warm. Speaking of warm I hope my fellow veterans that are without a home found a safe place to stay and warm. I wish this country would do more for them. I know the goal is to have no homeless veteran by such and such year. I just … Continue reading