I would do anything! 

Morning, Well it is Friday! Another week has past. Another week we all made it through the grind of work and life. But, that does not mean the struggles are over with until Monday. It does mean I can sit back and relax and enjoy life without a care in the world. It does mean that I need to keep balancing on that little line … Continue reading

That Line! That No one else sees!

   Morning, Another day in paradise, just trying to pull myself up out of this funk before it gets to deep and set in. I can’t seem to wake up again today. Not sure what is up with that, just dead tired. Sinus and ear are still a mess. Here I am complaining about simple things when things could be a loss worse. I need … Continue reading

The DownHill Plunge

   Morning,  Well I am still not awake yet….I have the basis peak that records your sleep. It says I had good sleep…so why do I feel like I didn’t get any and I can’t wake up? I think this watch is defective or something. Maybe I am just not use to good sleep so it is throwing me off.  Hero is on high alert … Continue reading

Deep Within Side

   I feel like I am fighting for my life every day. It is so hard to keep everything under control. It is hard to resist ending my life.  It is an uphill battle every day every moment of life.  Life is not easy for people who suffer from PTSD.  We question ourselves every chance we get.  We push ourselves to the limit we don’t … Continue reading

So many things all for the wrong reasons 

   So many restrictions and not the right ones for the right people.  It seems like if you break the law! You can do anything you want and get a slap on the wrist. If you try to uphold the law and your country you get punished.  They want gun control! Well I don’t want to see any President, Mayor, Congressman any public official have … Continue reading

Shoot! Need help with backyard

This is so frustrating. I am doing everything I think I can to make the backyard a peace relaxation place and it is just not coming together right.  I wish yard crashes on DIYnetwork or another show of that sort would come help me out with this.  Maybe if I bug them and all you guys tell them to come help maybe they will do … Continue reading

Drop in the Bucket Affects The Whole DAY

Morning,  Well I am still sleeping I think. Good thing Hero can drive us to work.    This has been the slowest longest week that I think I have ever been through.  I am not sure if I ever told you guys this, I don’t think I have. Well I am still in training and I have a wonderful instructor that knows everything and is just … Continue reading

Holding a DEEP Breath 

Good Morning It is spring and I am enjoying it. I have been working in my yard for the past few nights! Working on a few different projects going on all at the same time.  Opening up to others means you have to let your guard down. It means you are vulnerable to so many different things and attacks.  It is hard to open up … Continue reading

The Flag!! What was given for it!

Morning,  I just don’t understand people any more. Or wondering if I actually ever did understand people and the way they act. I just don’t understand why people get all up in arms when someone with a record dies. Let alone someone that could of been dealing drugs to your kids and killing them. I don’t care when or how he died. He is dead … Continue reading

Where is the headline News? 

Morning,  I am not sure how long I will stay writing this time. But some stuff has gotten under my skin lately.  One being people rioting because someone died, or was killed by police. I am not saying it is right or wrong. I am not being racial at all I want to state that right off hand. Look at the people that have been … Continue reading

Away Maybe Forever 

Morning,  This might be my last blog for a while if not forever. I just have to do other things. This writing is not helping me out like it used to. I am struggling to put words together. I struggle to see how it is benefits anyone.  I hope everyone continues to promote Telephone A Veteran Tuesday.  Don’t give up on the veterans you know. … Continue reading

What Medications? 

Morning It is spring, it is going to rain.  I know I have not written in a long long time. I am sorry between work and having other issues life was crazy.  When I was away for training I needed a refill on my meds. So I did everything I could to get my refills and get them right.  Well the DR refilled all the … Continue reading

Bending The VET Over

Morning,  Final week of being away from home can’t wait to get back to normal life and see the wife and child. The weather here sucks. Someone might want to tell Mother Nature it is spring time.  I came across something that has to do with the Veterans Affairs. They are trying to say it will be better for the veteran but I say it … Continue reading

Million dollar deal 

What happen to spring? It is snowing. This is not suppose to happen in spring time.  Ok I know I have not written much in the past week or so. Just been crazy with work and a lot of other things. Something has been getting on my nerves the past few days when I watch the TV. I have been hearing about all these poor … Continue reading

You Asked I Answered

Well it is Thursday! Weather is alright.  Hero is ok, he has air in his colon and the dr thinks he might have a small obstruction so we are trying to get him to pass everything out. So we just wait for the next few days and see what happens.  Almost two weeks down so almost half way. Thanks goodness.  Ok someone ask me a … Continue reading


Afternoon,  A veteran is willing to give up their life in battle for yours.  A veteran is willing to die for their brother in arms.  A civilian…… Well I am not sure what they are willing to do for the veteran. Many stand on their soap box and scream and shout that they will do everything they can for the veteran.  But when you ask … Continue reading